ADA BREEDVELD   - Olanda            


Sulla sua Arte

Ada Breedveld steers for years a multicoloured stream of paintings, graphic art, bronze sculptures, etchings and elephants into the wide world. In the seventies, Ada began to exhibit her, as yet surreal, works. Soon she developed her own distinctive style, described by herself as ‘Plastic realism'. Large women in lively and clear colors dominate her work, known by many admirers. These ‘Chubby Ladies’ are representing the superior enjoyer of life and admirers praise her uplifting power.


Ada was born in Dordrecht in 1944, and raised in Rotterdam. She is a self-taught woman who has been living and working in Amsterdam since 1983. She has regular expositions in the Netherlands and in other countries.


Sweden, Denmark, Finland,Turey, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal.