BRITT KNOFF - Norvegia

Sulla sua Arte

About me:

“I have to challenge me to try new expressions,if I stand in one form I lose mye creativity – and it’s that who makes me live” (Britt Knoff)

I was born in 1966 and grew up in Inderøy in Trøndelag, but moved to Østfold in 2002 and have since 2012 lived in Rygge / Moss where I have my studio.

I have my professional background from construction and engineering as a technical engineer and eventually a civil engineer, but as time went on I saw that it was not where I belonged.

Art has always been a part of me all my life and as the years have gone on it has come to mean more and more to me. I have always had a great need to express myself creatively and have now taken the stage completely as a visual artist and all that it entails.

I have a large and varied production, from atmospheric figurative images to playful, colorful and abstract images. I work a lot with surfaces and textures in both my figurative and abstract images. I am often inspired by nature and life around me. Prussian blue color often reverberates in my photos and my compositions are often built around color choices.

I want you as the viewer to find their own dreams, visions and history in the pictures. Although I also have a vision for the image, I do not want to influence you who are over-looking.

I work with many different expressions and am constantly evolving, yet you see my particular imprint in what I make ... my artistic sound.


2002 - 2008: NMBU university, Norway- Civil engineer building, Masters

1991 - 1992: Interior consultant NKI, Norway

1982 - 1984: Egge v.g. school, Norway - Technical drawing

Artistic Education:

2019 - ongoing: DTK Art School Barum, Norway

2017 - 2019: Nydalen art school, Norway, 2 year old visual arts

2006: NMBU, Norway - course in freehand drawing

1993: Art course at Egge school, Norway – composition

1985 - 1990: Several art courses in Norway, including at car artist Inger Palm, Levanger - figuratively

Art Travel / Study Abroad:

2018 - July: Holbæk Art College Denmark - abstract and figurative painting course

The study was the meeting between the recognizable motif and the abstraction of the known. The figurative and abstract elements were put together and created new dynamics and interpretative possibilities. This is done through various painting techniques and methods to create the composition and creation of the image.



September: Autumn Exhibition Jeløy, Moss, Norway

June: Nydalen art school, summer exhibition, Norway

April: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway


December: Artist of the Month - Ås art association, Norway

December: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway

September: Autumn Exhibition Jeløy, Moss, Norway

June: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway

June: Exhibition Ås art association, Ås, Norway

June: Summer exhibition at Nydalen Art School, Norway

April: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway

March: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway

February: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway


December: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway

November: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway

October: Calberg Farm Gallery, Rygge, Norway


July: Sky and Sea, Brandasund Grendalag, Brandasund, Norway

Upcoming exhibitions:


Nov. 01. - 03 Fiera Contemporanea, Forli ITALY,

Nov. 30 - Dec. 8, 2019: AAs Art Association, Norway


Art clubs and gallery:

AAs kunstforening,

Fredrikstad kunstforening,


Gallery Battrekonst,, Sweden


techniques i work with:

I mostly paint with acrylic, but I like to mix several different media and techniques in my pictures. I paint on canvas and paper. In addition to painting pictures I also create monotype / graphics and I draw with pencil and ink.