ZEN VAN BOMMEL         - Olanda

                                                                                      CONTATTI: zenvanbommel@ziggo.nl


Sulla sua Arte

I got my education at the Dutch photogram organization. Being a woman photographer from Amsterdam I started with street photography and social documentary. I work partly on assignment and partly I am able to do my own 'thing'.

From 2016 I started to participate in exhibitions. The first exhibition was in the Amsterdam Museum in Amsterdam called Transmission. Because of the succes of the exhibition the pics where shown in the Boterhal in Hoorn as well.

A year later I participated in an exhibition at Gallery Sille in Oudewater. The same year in collaboration with the artist group Popinnart in Amsterdam with an expo in my own city.

This year was quite busy, in 2019 my pics have been in San Felice del Benaco, Playroom (Artsunami and the paperdresses) in Zaandam, Grote Kerk (100 percent female) in Alkmaar and on the art fair The Hague in Den Haag.

Every year I do one project for free for some social / help organization because I think everyone can help make this world a little better.