Each and every artist have a dream to being the top his love, of passion love of art .I Amiya Nimai Dhara once dream to be a good artist,but now a days I think that quit famous I’ am.

About my educational bio data I can share I have passed my Bachelors Degree specialized In Sculpture with First Class and Master Degree Specialised in Sculpture from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal.India.

In my academic life, I have studied nature deeply, such as houses, trees, birds, animals. Santhal child and boys of figure’s expression, tribal village and valleys (khoai) by my sculpture and paintings according to conventional Santiniketan style.


I have acquired the knowledge of working in all the possible mediums of my faculty with technical, such as painting ,mural painting of any material, plaster, cement, fiberglass, wood carving, terracotta, metal cast and stone etc.


Art is the another form of language the languages which express the reality the truth the pain. The love, An artist make by their individual point of view with the based on versatility which express by artistic versatility .Artist have different skills in since a artist work on pain at the sometime they think about the joy of life happiness.

I Amiya Nimai Dhara believe that, I am not only a versatile artist but also a experimental, new thinking artist my all work’s prove about my versatility skills.

My thoughts, my ideas always symbolize the reality, society, nature emotion and another way it express science fiction travel experience memoir .

All of my work express mortality morbidity. The reality of life such as pains love joy happiness , mature creation etc is the mainly formed in to my sculpture.

I did many different thinking high naturalistic epical work, such as

My work’s gave us some messages about the highest education that which does not merely give us information but make our life in harmony with all existence.

The Indian compete select the topic poem of poet “Rabindra Nath Tagore’s for child’s poem” is the poem based on allegory with symbolic story. Sketch story,   fable, dance, drama, tragedy, comedy, memoir, biography, childhood expression, travel, science fiction etc. In one word we can say that is a realistic poet Rabindra Nath Tagore a versatile allegory with symbolic poet.

So that I feel and inspired so easy to work’s of my painting,mural & sculpture with this topic cause of I feel due to all of my art work, I am also a versatile artist.

In that way create a new my painting & sculpture subject on childhood expression and use feelings of child activity thinking I given topic.

Amiya Nimai Dhara